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1st One-Day Workshop on New Aspects and Perspectives in Nuclear Physics


September 8th, 2012 - Ioannina, Greece







Session I: Theory - Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics


- D. Bonatsos: Proton-neutron interactions in heavy nuclei


- Ch. Moustakidis: Nuclear equation of state effects on the r-mode instability of neutron stars


- T. Kosmas: Semi-leptonic weak interactions in nuclei and their role to Astrophysics


- A. Martinou: Parafermionic behavior of Bose-Einstein condensates


- D. Papoulias: Flavour Changing Neutral-Current Processes in Nuclei


- P. Giannaka: Realistic nuclear structure calculations for orbital e-capture by nuclei


Session II: Experiment - Nuclear Reactions, Hadrons


- E. Stiliaris: Model Independent Analysis of the γ*p ->Δ Transition with Polarized Electron Scattering Data


- G. Souliotis: Production of neutron-rich nuclei toward the r-process path in peripheral heavy-ion collisions

  at low energies


- N. Patronis: Transfer Reactions at REX-ISOLDE: The 66Ni(d,p)67Ni experiment


- I. Savidis: Large Volume Spherical Proportional Counter: Development and Applications


- X. Aslanoglou: CASTOR: A Calorimeter for Heavy Ions at LHC


- A. Pakou: Optical Potential and Relevant Reaction Mechanisms at near barrier energies


- K. Zerva: Elastic Backscattering measurements and optical potential analysis for the systems 6,7Li +208Pb,

  116,120Sn, 58Ni at sub- and near-barrier energies


- V. Soukeras: Study of the reaction 20Ne+28Si: Elastic scattering at near barrier energies


- O. Sgouros: Study of the system 20Ne+28Si: Transfer reactions at near barrier energies


Session III: Applications: Environment - Material Science - Medical - Dating


- P. Misaelides: Research in the years of the economic crisis: A short review of the recent research activity

  of the Radiochemical Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


- A. Ioannidou: Radionuclides in the environment and their applications


- F. Noli: Applications of Ion Beam and Radiochemical techniques in Materials Science and Environment


- K. Ioannides: An Introduction to selected Applied Nuclear Physics activities at Ioannina


- K. Stamoulis: Dating with TL-OSL for Geology and Archaeology


- M. Mikeli: The Compton Camera in the γ-Ray Imaging


- A.N. Rapsomanikis: Optical and Infrared Tomography in Medical Physics


- M. Zioga: Construction of a High-Resolution Mobile γ-Camera System for Mammography Study








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