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6th Workshop of the Hellenic Institute of Nuclear Physics


14-16 May 2021, Zoom conference - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - University of Ioannina







14th May 2021 (Day 1)


Opening Session


- Nicolas Alamanos: The societal impact of nuclear physics


Session 1 - Nuclear Structure


- Peter Ring: Relativistic Brueckner-Hartree-Fock Theory in Nuclear Matter and Finite Nuclear Systems


- Nils Paar: Nuclear magnetic transitions in the relativistic energy density functional approach


- Costel Petrache: Chirality and wobbling in nuclei: new achievements and perspectives


- Nikolay Minkov: Shape and electromagnetic properties of the 229mTh isomer


- Dennis Bonatsos: Connecting the proxy-SU(3) symmetry to the shell model


- Andriana Martinou: The islands of shape coexistence within the Elliott and the proxy-SU(3) models


- Smaragda Sarantopoulou: Highest weight irreducible representations favored by nuclear forces within SU(3)-symmetric fermionic systems


- Vaia Prassa: Shape evolution of Hg isotopes within the covariant density functional theory


Session 2 - Advances in Nuclear Facilities


- James Kolata: Weak Interaction Physics at TwinSol


- Sherry Yennello: Advancing Research in Texas through Experiments in Medical Isotope Science


- Ivan Stekl: Neutrino Physics and dark matter at IEAP CTU Prague


- Manuela Cavallaro: Upgrade of the MAGNEX spectrometer toward the high-intensity phase of NUMEN


- Patrick O’Malley: Current scientific efforts at the Nuclear Science Laboratory 


15th May 2021 (Day 2)


Session 1 - Nuclear Reactions


- Francesco Cappuzzello: Heavy-ion induced quasi-elastic reactions in view of the NUMEN project


- Onoufrios Sgouros: Study of the one-proton transfer reaction in the 18O + 48Ti collision at 275 MeV


- Ismael Martel: Low energy reactions of halo nuclei


- Manuela Rodríguez-Gallardo: Reaction dynamics of exotic and stable weakly-bound nuclei using a four-body continuum-discretized coupled-channels formalism


- Jesús Casal: Linking structure and dynamics with two-neutron halos


- Athina Pakou: Searching for “treasures” at deep sub-barrier energies: The 8B and 7Be case


- Vasileios Soukeras: Study of 4He(4He,4He)4He* inelastic scattering at the MAGNEX facility


- Vlasios Petousis: Chasing the X17 Boson – Theory and Experiments


- Victor Iacob: Precise branching ratio measurement for the superallowed β decay of 34Ar


Session 2 - Astrophysics


- Joseph Natowitz: Employing ternary fission as a probe of low density nuclear matter


- Aldo Bonasera: Calculation of the 12C+12C sub-barrier fusion cross section in an imaginary time-dependent mean field theory


- Agatino Musumarra: From Nuclear Astrophysics to Fundamental Nuclear Physics: challenging experimental approaches at n_TOF (CERN)


- Georgios Perdikakis: Experimental constraints on reaction rates relevant to the radiogenic heating of planets


- Angel Miguel Sanchez Benitez: Spectroscopy of key nuclei in astrophysics by beta-delayed proton emission


- Luis Acosta: The AMS technique as an important tool for the measurement of astrophysical cross sections


- Polychronis Koliogiannis: Thermal properties of hot and dense matter: Influence of rapid rotation on protoneutron stars, hot neutron stars, and neutron star merger remnants


- Alkiviadis Kanakis-Pegios: Constraints on the speed of sound of dense nuclear matter through the tidal deformability of neutron stars


- Arsenia Chorozidou: Momentum dependent mean-fields of hyperons & antihyperons


16th May 2021 (Day 3)


Session 1 - Flash Talks


- Theodosia Giamouki: Constraining the neutron star equation of state via gamma ray burst remnants and gravitational wave radiation


- Themistoklis Deloudis: Twin neutron stars: probe of phase transition from hadronic to quark matter


- Vasileios Soukeras: Low energy proton induced reactions for application purposes


- Onoufrios Sgouros: Study of the neutron induced radiation background at the MAGNEX facility via FLUKA simulations


Session 2 - Heavy-Ion Reactions and Rare Isotope Production


- Hua Zheng: Connecting the NEoS to the interplay between fusion and quasi-fission processes in low-energy nuclear reactions


- Nikolaos Nicolis: Two-stage description of 56Fe+p spallation reactions at 0.3-1.5 GeV/A


- Georgios Souliotis: Recent developments in the study of peripheral collisions below the Fermi Energy


- Olga Fasoula: Studies of multinucleon transfer in peripheral collisions of 86Kr with 124Sn, 112Sn at 15 MeV/nucleon


- Stergios Koulouris: Studies of peripheral heavy-ion reactions with the MAGNEX spectrometer for the production of neutron-rich isotopes


- Konstantina Palli: Microscopic dynamics description of multinucleon transfer in peripheral collisions of 40Ar with 64Ni, 58Ni at 15 MeV/nucleon


- Theodoros Depastas: Constrained Fermionic Dynamics of Nuclear Systems: Near Ground State Properties and the Isospin Symmetry


- Walter Loveland: Total kinetic energy release in the fast neutron induced fission of actinide nuclei


Session 3 - Applications


- Ninel Nica: Texas A&M US Nuclear DATA Program


- Marcia Rodrigues: A novel approach to medical radioisotope production using inverse kinematics


- Justin Mabiala: Enhanced production of 99Mo in inverse kinematics heavy ion reactions








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