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4th Workshop on New Aspects and Perspectives in Nuclear Physics


May 5-6, 2017 - Ioannina, Greece









Session I


- P. Ring: Covariant density functionals and their microscopic origin


- N. Alamanos: Evolution of ideas in direct and fusion reactions


Session II


- K. Rusek: Everything is coupled: reactions with weakly bound projectiles


- N. Keeley: Light charged particle production in reactions induced by weakly-bound projectiles: Still an open


- D. Pierroutsakou: The EXOTIC project at INFN-LNL 


Session III


- F. Cappuzzello: The nuclear matrix elements of 0νββ decay and the NUMEN project at INFN-LNS


- Ch. Moustakidis: Speed of sound bounds, tidal polarizability and gravitational waves from neutron stars


- Th. Gaitanos: Momentum-dependent mean-field dynamics for in-medium Y-interactions


- K. Karakatsanis: Spin-orbit splittings of neutron states in N = 20 isotones from covariant density functionals
  and their extensions


Session IV


- D. Bonatsos: A new symmetry for heavy nuclei: Proxy-SU(3)


- I. Assimakis: Proxy-SU(3) symmetry in heavy nuclei: Foundations


- A. Martinou: Parameter independent predictions for shape variables of heavy deformed nuclei in the
  proxy-SU(3) model


- S. Sarandopoulou: Prolate dominance and prolate-oblate shape transition in the proxy-SU(3) model




Session I


- A. Bonasera: Nuclear Physics Using Lasers


- M. Veselsky: EoS studies in nucleus-nucleus collisions: from Coulomb barrier to LHC


- G. Souliotis: Production of Neutron-Rich Rare Isotopes toward the astrophysical r-process path


- N. Nicolis: Fission in high-energy proton induced spallation reactions


Session II


- E. Stiliaris: AMIAS: A Model Independent Analysis Scheme - From Hadronics to Medical Imaging


- L. Markou: On Proton Deformation: A Model Independent Extraction of EMR from Recent Photoproduction Data


- L. Koutsantonis: Employing a Novel Analysis Method in the field of Tomographic Image Reconstruction for
  Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT)


- A.-N. Rapsomanikis: PhoSim: A Simulation Package designed for Macroscopic and Microscopic Studies in the
  Time-Resolved Optical Tomography


- M. Zioga - M. Mikeli: Mastering Conic Sections for a Direct 3D Compton Image Reconstruction


Session III


- P. Misaelides: Study of organic-rich limestones of the Epirus region (Greece) using nuclear and synchrotron
  radiation techniques


- K. Stamoulis: Paleoseismology: Defining the seismic history of an area with the use of the OSL dating method


- Ch. Betsou: 210Pb and 7Be concentrations in moss samples from the region of Northern Greece


- A. Asimakopoulou: Systematic studies of proton-induced spallation reactions with microscopic and
  phenomenological models


- S. Papadimitriou: Microscopic description of neutron-induced fission with the Constrained Molecular Dynamics
  (CoMD) Model: recent progress


- A. Papageorgiou: Neutron-rich rare isotope production with stable and radioactive beams in the mass range
  A = 40-60 at 15 MeV/nucleon


- O. Sgouros: Study of 7Be+28Si at near barrier energies: Elastic scattering and alpha production


- V. Soukeras: A global study of the 6Li+p system at near barrier energies in a CDCC approach








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