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5th Workshop of the Hellenic Institute of Nuclear Physics


12-13 April 2019 - Physics Department, Aristotle university of Thessaloniki







Session 1


- N. Alamanos: Nuclear Physics today - installations in perspective or under construction


- P. Ring: On the ab-initio derivation of covariant density functionals


- F. Cappuzzello: The nuclear matrix elements of 0νββ decay and the NUMEN project at INFN-LNS


Session 2


- H. Lenske: Theory of heavy ion exchange reactions as probes for nuclear beta decay


- M. Gaidarov: Nuclear symmetry energy and its components at zero and finite temperatures


- S. Nikas: Exploring the astrophysical conditions for the creation of the first r-process peak, and the impact of nuclear physics uncertainties 


Session 3


- L. Acosta: The new facilities and devices at Mexico for low energy nuclear reactions studies


- S. Zhang: Strongly resonating bosons in hot nuclei


- A. Pakou: The breakup of 9Be on a proton target at 5.6 MeV/nucleon


- G. Souliotis: Assessing the most neutron-rich nuclei: toward elucidating the nucleosynthesis of the elements beyond iron


- O. Fasoula: Angular distribution studies of neutron-rich projectile-like fragments


Session 4


- F. Groppi: Non-conventional radionuclides produced by particle accelerators for theranostic applications


- M.E. Tomazinaki: A sparse and ergonomic tomographic image reconstruction technique based on artificial neural networks


- D. Zarketan: Resolution study of a γ-camera system for SPECT at preclinical level


- C. Betsou: The use of mosses as biomonitors of trace elements in Greece


Session 5


- N. Minkov: Theoretical predictions for the decay rates and magnetic moment in 229mTh


- D. Bonatsos: Approximate SU(3) symmetries in heavy deformed nuclei


- A. Martinou: A mechanism for shape coexistence


- A. Assimakis: Breaking SU(3) spectral degeneracies in heavy deformed nuclei


- P. Georgoudis: Non-relativistic conformal symmetry in nuclear structure


- V. Prassa: Microscopic studies of fission dynamics based on energy density functionals


Session 6


- K. Karakatsanis: Two quasiparticle k-isomers within the covariant density functional theory


- A. Chorozidou: Relativistic equations of state for hot matter and neutron star dynamics


- P. Koliogiannis: Equation of state of cold rapidly rotating neutron stars and the effects of the Keplerian sequence


- Ch. Margaritis: Speed of sound bounds in dense matter and its effects on the bulk properties of rapidly rotating neutron stars


- A. Kanakis: Constraints on neutron stars equation of state, from the observation of the tidal deformability of the GW170817 system








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